Weight loss Hypnosis – 1

How Weight Loss with Hypnosis works

This hypnosis technique releases the psychological causes for weight without bringing up negative emotion. This is done while you are in hypnosis with suggestions that you will release all the experiences thoughts, beliefs or anything else that gave your mind the idea of needing extra weight or padding or protection. In this form of hypnosis you never experience negative feelings. You release the old program and then are re-programmed with strong, positive suggestion. The advantage from this releasing is that now your weight loss is permanent Here are some pictures and stories of clients who have been very successful with the weight loss through releasing their blocks to self love and releasing the psychological reasons for their extra weight. Then reprogramming for health, weight loss and self esteem. They also worked with a CD series and used self hypnosis.

Alex’s Story ” 200 pounds smaller”

Looking and Feeling too big        I feel good now

Alex Before – – – – – – – – – – – Alex Today (much smaller)

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David’s Story “A New Person – 100 pounds lighter”

– –

David Before – – – – – – – – – – – David Today (104 pounds lighter)

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Pat’s Story “A New Me With Hypnosis”

Pat before her weight loss      Pat today (60 lbs smaller)

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Bea’s Story and she’s still losing

Bea before her weight loss        Bea today (71 lbs. lighter)

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Mikes Story

(losing weight and regaining health)

Mike Schuman and Pat Rickard before their weight loss
(in the Stage Hypnosis class)

Mike Schuman
(at end of group)

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Chris and Ginger’s Story (losing Weight Together)

Chris Before weight loss       Chris now (65 lbs. lighter)

Ginger Before weight loss       Ginger after (down 36 lbs)
Chris and Ginger today

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Betty’s Story – Losing Weight

Betty Before her weight loss      Betty after (losing 60+ lbs)

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Jeannie’s Story “The Weight is Off”

Jeannie Before        Jeannie today (less 38 lbs)




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