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David Before                  David Today (104 pounds lighter)



David Deason of Pelham, Alabama has successfully lost 104 pounds in less than 9 months, by releasing his old programming  and reprogramming with positive suggestion hypnosis. 

His first session was the middle of April with a follow up session one week later. His old programming was connected to identification with weight and body shape of family going all the way back to childhood. He also was on a work schedule which had him grabbing fast food to eat his main meals. His extra weight started in childhood and had been continuous except for a time in High School sports where he exercised heavily. Since that time he has carried extra weight.

At his follow up session one week later he had already noticed a change in desiring healthier food. He also noticed the swelling in his lower legs had significantly decreased. He could already see a change in his energy and vitality.

In September he came back for a one hour follow up session of hypnosis, and he was already 67 pounds lighter. Things were improving in his life and health also. Instead of his high stress high travel job , he had a new job in Birmingham. He wanted a one hour motivational jump start hypnosis session.

Those were the only sessions of one on one hypnosis therapy that he had.

He has just sent the pictures of himself now to show himself 104 pounds lighter, and with a new waist size of 38, down from 44. His health has significantly improved. In these 9 months a new David has been birthed. Hypnotherapy has helped produce a slim healthier David with a changed life. 

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