Types of Hypnosis

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Change Your Mind to Change your life . . .

Weight Loss Hypnosis Hypnosis creates permanent weight loss (no more diets).

Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Hypnosis helps you to stop smoking forever, with no side effects.

Super Star Sports Hypnosis
Hypnosis for sports and ability enhancement creates Super Star athletes.

Pain Control Hypnosis
Reduce or eliminate pain with pain control hypnosis and self hypnosis.

Super Learning Hypnosis
Improve your I. Q., pass tests & increase your concentration with super learning hypnosis.

Sleep Disorder Hypnosis
Learn to sleep like a baby with sleep hypnosis.

Success Hypnosis and Motivation
Release blocks to abundance and success and change your life and succeed with Hypnosis

Cellular “Releasing” Hypnosis
Cellular Releasing Hynosis is used to release your Anxieties, Depression, Post Trauma, Fears, Phobias or problems, then reprogram yourself with health and self confidence.

Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis (for Healing)
Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis is used to heal, regenerate or restore body cells or body parts by stimulating physical cell growth for healing or change.

Forensic Hypnosis
Forensic Hypnosis is used to remember forgotten items, or to recall past events 

Children’s Hypnosis
All types of Hypnosis can be used with children (age 3 to 17)

Special Hypnosis for Dental or Surgery Preparation
Special hypnosis can be used for surgery or dental preparation for anesthesia and assistance in the procedure

Special Hypnosis for Childbirth Preparation (painless delivery)
Special hypnosis can be used for assistance in the preparation for childbirth

Special Hypnosis for Addiction Recovery
Special hypnosis can be used for assistance in the recovery from addictions of all kinds

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