Tree Drawing Analysis 4

Tree Drawing of a 7 year old

Middle Child (age 7)


Like her sister, your middle child drew in the “here-and-now” position. This is a good place to have her thinking. She has generosity of spirit, but is not “stretched” with this generosity which means she can set boundaries with others at a very early age in life. The top of her tree has points which means she is very goal-oriented, also. Her tree has a process on it starting at about 3 and ½ years old. This is called vining. It means that her subconscious feels she gives a lot of her energy to seeing about others.

There also are some symbols at the top of the tree… could be an M with a backwards Greek E or upside down a E w… or just symbols with no meaning. The subconscious usually has ascribed meaning to symbols, however. Her inner mind shows her to feel strong. In life, art, music, exercise, spiritual prayer, etc. will be beneficial to her because the heavy line at the bottom of the tree means: “I don’t want to TALK about it”…meaning I don’t want to verbally discuss the past. She will release stress and any inner-held hurts through other things rather than verbally discussing everything.

She, like her sister, will be a communicator with others. She labeled the family name at a prime position and each family member. (This was cut off in the copying to protect the family name). She will definitely want others to understand when communicating with them.

She feels her family sees and talks to one another. Again, there may not be a lot of listening to one another. Her Dad, Mother, and Older sister see things peacefully, her brother sees things courageously and may take some risks, and your middle child is “coming into her own” (becoming more individualized). She sees the women in the family as open, bending, and able to “handle it” (they have hands in her drawing). The men in the family can “handle it”, but might not be as bending as the women.

Her Dad is seen as energetic (or having some anger)… red can mean either or both.

He has the ability to lean towards his family members and will process their reaching out to him. (He has a neck which is one component of letting go of rigidity). All in the family are taking a celebratory stance.

Mom is seen as nurturing and feminine. Your middle child’s subconscious may know that Mom’s back problems relate to a hip joint. Notice her right hip joint and a face on the leg which appears to be letting a tear fall. Our subconscious is our spiritual connection and can have access to lots of information.

To your middle child , the men in the family relate to one another with your youngest having blue and red like his Dad. She also sees him as aligned with her Mother and Dad. She is aligned with her sister, but gives her sister SPACE. She sees her sister as courageous. Her sister appears to be looking to the future in your middle child’s subconscious . Your middle child might not listen to the others or process what they are saying when they do: she has no neck which means she might practice “selective hearing” in her family. Her drawing and colors are positive.

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