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Achieve Success with Hypnosis

Positive reinforcement does not have to be in words. It is a perception. Body language experts literally say tone and demeanor are perceived more than the actual words themselves. The minister Joel Osteen makes sure his tone and demeanor can never be misunderstood. His goal is to be perceived that he is providing encouragement.

Working in several different methods of providing therapy over the years has taught me a tremendous amount about people and life. Working for six psychiatrists as therapist, I saw that people who stayed in a stressful environment would often make horrendous choices in an attempt to overcome the feelings of constant stress. They would shift into an avocation to escape a vocation which would have provided security down the road. instead of working on a relationship worth saving, they would venture into something which completed their destruction whether it was an illicit relationship, drugs, alcohol, dangerous sports, etc.

Hospice was where I got to see the end of the road and where these choices led them. People who are dying like to do life review and see no need to keep up a false picture. They tell the truth.

Almost all who are dying, have regrets and one universal regret they all had was not being more supportive of what they had and not working on getting their environment less stress filled without chucking the whole life they had going.

Almost all would say, “my life just needed a few minor changes, but I threw the baby out with the bath water.” Many would say, “I didn’t co-operate, listen, or try to be flexible, and my actions were not supportive of others in my family. It cost me all I had worked for, and the situation I left to get into was no better.”

Many said “the situation I left for was worse”. All wished they could redo their choices, but now they are dying and there was only one choice left.. death.

If you need encouragement, insight into what is happening in your life, the ability to make some choices with more discernment, or to deal with stress, hypnotherapy will powerfully assist you.

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 This video is short, but it is very powerful in the message it presents.