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This short video speaks volumes about the oral stage of development, habits, subconscious ideas about safety and the concept of having enough to support and share with another.

Smoking, overeating or other eating disorders, addictions of all forms, sharing in life (like sharing the limelight, stinginess, and most sexual dysfunctions), relate to safety issues in childhood.

Let’s take smoking and overeating for example. Both relate to a subconscious habit of needing the hand coming to the mouth. Hand-to-mouth habits are related to feeling safe in your world. Without the subconscious release of whatever made the person feel unsafe in childhood, stopping one hand-to-mouth habit will lead to replacing it with another.

That is why people who stop smoking cold turkey or most other methods, will then resort to overeating and gain extra weight.

We release the psychological reasons for the hand to mouth habit without accessing negative emotion. It is like releasing an old computer program and replacing it with a more beneficial program. This way stopping one habit like smoking doesn’t lead to the compulsion for another replacement of the habit – hand coming to mouth.

Let’s stay in touch. If you have a problem sharing the limelight, or smoking, or extra weight, releasing the reasons for your subconscious need for hand-to-mouth habits and  compulsions could make your world more enjoyable. Stopping smoking could just possibly save your life.

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