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      The Huffington Post  Blog “Be Happy at work – Avoid these toxic People”

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This particular blog post covers toxic people found in the workplace very accurately. Their major suggestion is to avoid them because they are highly toxic. Dealing with these people can destroy your health about as quickly as being hit by a bus.

Unfortunately, these people have personality disorders with little prognosis of understanding or accepting any responsibility for their behavior. The techniques offered by the blog work when negotiating with reasonable people with healthy personality attributes who are committed to good communication.

Unfortunately, none of these personality types are motivated to improve. If they have chosen you to be their victim of choice, hypnotherapy can help you realize just how toxic they are, how to keep them from pushing your buttons for their advantage, how to see beyond their words and behavior, and how to protect yourself.

Their goal is to undermine you, scapegoat you, and unrealistically work you to their advantage. They will take the cream of your work, the bulk of income produced, and never feel any gratitude over using employees, coworkers, or friends. If you are caught in the crosshairs of this type person, or God forbid with a group of this type comprised of the various personality types, know that your health and wellbeing are seriously at stake.

Hypnotherapy can assist your insight, help you protect your self esteem, communicate the best way with these manipulative anti-social personality types, understand how you got there, and help you successfully move yourself into another environment with your health protected.

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This is one blog link it would be beneficial to read. I can tell the writer has suffered at the hands of more than one of these people. The writer sought out coaching advice which is apparent from the blog. The writer was not told the prognosis for these types to get any insight into their contribution to morale problems, decline in productivity, or the destruction of companies and people.

An MMPI evaluation of these type people would tell you their prognosis for insight and cooperation is poor at best. When these types join together as a group, a person is at serious risk. Working with the subconscious (hypnosis) is the best solution for protecting yourself.