Oxycharged Water System

(Portable Water Oxygenating System)

The OxyCharged Water Kit is a portable system that contains everything needed to charge a gallon of water with more than twice the normal amount of oxygen. It charges a gallon of water in less than 5 minutes. The cost to charge a gallon of water is less than 65 cents per gallon.The kit weighs less than 8 pounds (not including the water to be charged with oxygen). It is easily transported and can be used anywhere.With the kit and its’ supply of catalase (oxygen catalyst), you can super charge 4 gallons of water. The total cost of the system and the supplies to charge 4 gallons is only $149.95.

Then with the typical cost of the ingredients you can super oxygen charge the next 100 plus gallons of water for less than 65 cents per gallon. (It quickly becomes oxygen enriched water).

Call (281) 359-PATH (Houston, Texas) or (205) 322-PATH (Birmingham, Alabama) for the latest information.


OxyCharged Water

Water Oxygenator System
Cost $ 149.95

Portable Water Oxygen Charging System, Including all equipment and supplies to charge 4 gallons of water complete in a vinyl carry all bag