Mandala Drawings 2


Mandala Interpreted for: A.E.

Mandala Interpretation for A. E.

This artist is currently working on career interests from the energy spot chosen for the drawing. An opening related to being grounded in a career field should come quickly from the manner in which the subconscious drew this mandala. There are also components of multi-faceted smaller beginning happening.

This would suggest several aspects of the artist’s life will have the opportunity to become more secure. The process should be peaceful. The overlay helping this process is one of stability with elements of claiming personal empowerment. The birth date was not on the artist’s mandala. For that reason, I can’t do the archetype.

I will say if the mandala was turned correctly (telling this from the position of the name written on the outside) the groundedness will be a new way of “looking at things”. It will be a totally new perspective.

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW


Mandala Interpreted for: E.M.

Mandala Interpretation for E. M.

Energy of the Room:

Spot called high noon which is the balancing of the male and female energy. This energy position usually comes after some enlightening revelation or eye-opening experience.

The artist is becoming less restricted in action and thinking as evidenced by the positioning of colors. The feminine component which enhances not only her gender but also her creativity is building in a wave of intensity. The actual structure of this wave of creativity actually mimics aggression which I would characterize as intensity of purpose.

The archetype drawn is one of opening up to Higher Consciousness in order to be a useful healer of others. (That is one archetype). Right under “the eye” is a second archetype which represents “new birth”. The artist’s subconscious made the construction in a way that it was showing a powerful shift taking place.

Eye-opening new birth is happening. This process was happening with “murky father issues” being released. The only components of time involved are: immediately at the time of drawing and concurrently as the new birth was happening, the issues related to one or all of the following:

1. Actual Father issues
2. Males and male roles in the artist’s life
3. Issues of personal power
4. The developing Animus of the Artist

The process is very beneficial and will result in the artist developing more creativity and the ability to claim personal empowerment.

The artist has as her archetype, The Emperor. According to this archetype, she is to learn about power in her lifetime. It appears she has made a major breakthrough in this quest.

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW



Mandala Interpreted for: I.G.

Mandala Interpretation for I. G.

The artist sat to draw her mandala at a point which is one step over from the point of having to put things back together. The point she chose is about career and would suggest she is coming out of something which felt like her world blew apart earlier. She is putting the pieces back together subconsciously.

The archetype she drew is one of aggressive surrender or now trusting the Universe to right her life. The path itself is defined and is a new path. The only way this path developed was through transformational thinking which is surrounding the artist currently.

A new beginning is developing through releasing some old programming and a new beginning will be developing as it moves into free consciousness. It would take several months from the time of the drawing of this mandala to manifest.

This new beginning could also be (possibly) a birthing of a physical child, new business, or new way of life. The artist is an archetypal 5 or Hierophant. She is master communication in this lifetime.

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW



Mandala Interpreted for: K.J.

Mandala Interpretation for K. J.

Coming up quickly (at the time of the drawing) were some root chakra or security issues concerned with getting more grounded in life.

The brownish rust showed the probability of a positive outcome as two component of the artist’s life are resolved. These are issues of “critical mother” and how to claim personal power for herself.

The critical mother concept may be that the artist had or has a mother with high expectations or it may mean that the artist has been overly hard on self. As her eye’s open to a healing of this component of self, her security (grounded-ness) in life will make a positive shift.

The bubbles of spiritual energy are powerfully assisting this process.

The artist has the archetype of the charioteer. Learning to let go of “control” is what this artist is to learn in this lifetime.

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW