Mandala Drawings 1

No. 1

Mandala Interpretation # 1

Mandala Interpretation

As a person looks at this mandala one can almost feel the “quickening” of energy. The words Warp Speed also came to mind. Coming up for the artist approximately one week after the drawing will be an opportunity for personal empowerment and claiming their own personal power. This could be: a class, something to learn as a lesson, something to choose in terms of high action, or an opportunity to act from the male energy (whether male or female).

The artist drew a quickened version of one of the Universal Archetypes. It would be called traditionally target; however, it is a modern 4th or 5th dimension version of the old 3rd dimension Target. Target traditionally means being on a treadmill putting a life back together after a splintering. This target, however, is more of an integration of pieces of energy to make a whole. Also, the artist is ready to get this integration done. She (yes it is a she) will do this best by incorporating nature into the process. This is known by her choice of a place to draw. She has moved herself beyond old storage baggage and out of a group to complete this process.

The artist is determined to do this and some of the rules put upon self from the past are being revamped. Her archetype is one that creates best in solitude or out in nature. As the energy builds for this archetype, there is a saying that The Rainbow Bridge will be crossed, the soul light will shine, and the masses will be positively impacted.

The only danger of this archetype is addiction and getting caught in the throes of addiction. If this trap is avoided (The Fowler’s Snare), then the power of the archetype will come forth. Those viewing this mandala will also get an infusion of the positive energy of quickening.

The mandala’s for interpretation were picked by shuffling the paper and not looking to draw. Ironically, another mandala connected in family energy was chosen as another one of the three for this month. In looking at their archetype dates, they are opposite in some aspects of energy. It is thought that this process is one that literally “quickens” the process of growth. (Being in a family relationship with a polar opposite).

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW

No. 2


Mandala Interpretation # 2

Mandala Interpretation

This artist actually drew three archetypes within one mandala. Coming up very quickly after the drawing is a chance for a new beginning. The artist sat to draw in a position of working on recognition and career. The next archetype displayed is called high noon. This is a balancing of male and female energy. Also, the artist drew compartmentalized target. This as mentioned in Mandala 1 is a putting pieces back together after a fragmentation has happened.

The colors involved are: new beginning colors

  • Parental issues or rebellion against authority (whichever applies)
  • Personal empowerment
  • Increased energy or anger (whichever applies)

This artist will follow rules and instruction without spontaneity. This is probably a stage and their creativity would be enhanced by:

Stopping compartmentalization of feelings

And as I was told when I drew a similar mandala many years ago, the artist needs to “make angels in the Snow”. What does that mean? (I asked that very question many years ago also)…it means to trust the Universe and fall back with a letting go trust allowing creative thoughts and ideas to flow forth.

Many believe that 1981, 1982, and 1983 brought forth some of the first wave of creative children into the world. These children and grandchildren need special parents to nurture and allow them to grow. This artist is in a relationship with a parent of more spontaneous and creative energy…a polarity energy. Perhaps to nurture the mission this soul has chosen.

The most powerful archetype displayed in the mandala is Impact Upon the World in the exact form of that archetype.

The main archetype chosen is one called the Emperor. It is about Personal Empowerment and leadership. It is, along with the other components displayed in this mandala very positive. The only detriment to this archetype would be if the person refused to bend and became too rigid.

Those viewing this mandala will get very powerful and positive benefits from the archetypes drawn as energy.

Interpreted by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW

No. 3


Mandala Interpretation # 3

Mandala Interpretation

All three of the choices for this month, drawn as pulling papers from a stack, have the component of target (putting pieces back together). When it is as clear as this one, Carl Jung believed that the subconscious mind wanted the artist to know what was being worked upon for healing and advancement.

Coming up quickly for the artist (after the drawing) would be a strong sense of peace encircled with more energy, vitality, or triggers of anger. (Remember anger can be a fuel to move us forward in life.)

This smaller target is encircled in “Critical Mother Issues”. All of the archetype components as told by the colors chosen is about parental issues. This mandala lets us know which parent or which energy system is involved…The Mother.

It could literally be a real mother or it could be the artist’s own female energy…the anima. If it is the anima, then the artist would do well to nurture self. If it is a true critical Mother, the subconscious of the artist is working on solving the parental issue with a critical Mother type. It is very important to solve these issues because they reverberate out into the world as a hologram of the parental relationship.

Clearly this is being worked on by the subconscious and Higher Mind. The blue heart gives a clue that this has a high probability of being completed successfully.

This artist has the same archetype as the artist of Mandala 2 (December). By the birthdate I know that this artist has the archetype of the Emperor. This is : working on issues of personal empowerment and claiming personal empowerment. The only thing which could hinder this process would be a refusal to bend thus becoming too rigid.

It is very interesting that the three chosen for this month are clearly soul linked and in the same class. Also, the random choosing by pulling papers is more than a coincidence.

This artist chose to sit in an integration point to draw the mandala. It is one seat to the right of a new beginning. It appears that the resolution of this one energy point will assist in producing a new beginning for the artist.

Those viewing this mandala will get an infusion of powerful energy.

Interpreted by:  Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW