Learn Healing at the Cellular Level

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Cellular Command Therapy

Learn from the  creators of Cell Command Therapy(R) and Cellular Releasing Hypnosis

These Hypnosis Techniques are unique in that they address subconscious programs which are the actual computer memory of a person’s choices in life.  Traditional therapy, whether through hypnosis or talk therapy, will either give suggestion which may be unable to override the original subconscious program; or as in talk therapy may not be able to break through denial barriers to access the real program involved.

Through this directed trance in a guided manner, the Cellular level release and the cellular healing is very similar to releasing an old computer program and replacing it with a new positive program. It is very quick and easy.

Your cells have detailed memory and are impacted either positively or negatively  whether  the event, idea, belief, fear, habit or pattern is beneficial to your health and well-being or is linking you to negative health, habits and patterns.  This subconscious linkage is very strong because it is either from positive neuropeptides such as endorphins holding the memory, or from stress chemicals subconsciously linking to the bad cellular memory.  These stress hormones are very powerful in their ability to hold physical weight, physical problems of health and negative subconscious desires such as addictions, anxieties or bad habits.

Once the cellular release is completed, then cellular healing or physical change is directed to occur; first to the original state and then without defect or disease.

Learn Cell Command Therapy(R) and Cellular Releasing at the PATH Foundation

These techniques were developed through the PATH Foundation.  To learn them effectively the PATH Foundation is the best source.

You will learn a hypnosis process which does not use abreaction.  Abreaction has been found to create only more stress hormones rather than producing positive results.  These techniques incorporate learning how to reach and monitor the proper trance state along with proper wording to gain the access to the subconscious to obtain the permissive contract for releasing and then the agreement for the new program.  This is where improperly trained practitioners fail.

The techniques you will learn will produce results that are long term and will do it in a very effective time frame.  Those who talk of several sessions over months are dragging out a process which should be like removing an old computer program and replacing it with a new program.

One of the benefits of the training through the PATH Foundation is learning not only the techniques of releasing and then learning  Cell Command Therapy(R) to reprogram, but also learn the process of effective wording to gain the contract with the permissive state of the subconscious mind.

Using ideo-motor response for releasing before Cell Command Therapy (R) is an art form in itself. It requires these techniques and language for gaining the contract to implement the new positive program desired.

Contact with the highest part of the mind, The Higher Self, may also need to be incorporated in this process.  The best way to accomplish this is taught in these classes.