Hypnosis Training Schedule

Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis Seminar Training

Training Schedule in Houston Texas Area –  2020, 2021

Seminars: The PATH Foundation

Telephone (281) 359-PATH

Course # – Title of Course

 Single Course

Two Courses

Three   Courses

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HYP201 Basic Hypnosis (Understanding & using Basic hypnosis & Hypnotherapy)
HYP202 Intermediate Hypnosis (Learn & teach Self Hypnosis; Learn hypnotic suggestion)
HYP203 Advanced Hypnosis (Anesthesia, Pain ctrl, Birthing & advanced hypnosis)
HYP401 Cellular Releasing© Hypnosis (Release causes, fears, & blocks with Cell Command) Jan 2020
HYP402 Basic Cell Command Therapy® (Cellular regeneration & healing techniques of hypnosis) Jan 2020
HYP403 Advanced Cell Command Therapy® (Overcome abuse & critical illness with Cell Command)
HYP501 Regression Hypnosis Techniques (age regression hypnosis & past-life regression hypnosis) Jun 2020
HYP502 Physical, Energy & Stage Hypnosis (Stage/ Instant, Accupressure, Aura & Silent Hypnosis)
HYP504 Cell Command Therapy® for Addictions (Overcome Addiction/Compulsion w/ Cell Command)
HYP505 Cell Command Therapy® for Children (Children’s hypnosis – age 3 thru teens – w/ C. C. T.)
HYP506 Cell Comm. Therapy w/ Grief & Post Trauma (Overcome grief, depression & Post Trauma w/ C. C. T.)
HYP507 Group Hypnosis, Seminars & Marketing (Seminars/ group hypnosis, sales, ethics & legal Req’s)

* Note Weekend classes are from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM+  Sat & Sun

# Weekend seminars are from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM +  Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon

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