Hypnosis Training Certification

Certification Training Requirements

Question: What is certification?

Answer: Certification is the recognition method that the general public uses to determine who is trained or educated enough to practice a technique or provide a service. It is a mode of recognition of professionalism or expertise.

Question: Why is certification needed or used?

Answer: Many professions don’t have the experience or need to generate a state or national form of license or registration to recognize competency. Therefore certification is the method accepted by the public to acknowledge such competency and ability. Examples are: Securities and exchange dealers, Bond and security sales people, hypnotists, insurance counselors, hypnotherapists, etc.

Question: Why are several different organizations certifying people?

Answer: Each training organization in a field has criteria that it uses to determine competency and capability and therefore certifies that person under it’s own standards and recognition techniques. A few states now offer hypnosis certification also

Question: Is there any standardized method to recognize the best form of certification?

Answer: Usually the best form of certification will also meet the requirements for certification of the other organizations, so that reciprocal or dual certification is also available to the practitioner.

Question: Is the PATH Foundation certification the best recognition of competency or ability to practice hypnosis?

Answer: The PATH Foundation educational and certification program is recognized and accepted by most of the other national certification progams, such as the NGH, IMDHA, ABH, IACT, etc. for reciprocal or dual certification. However The PATH Foundation is the only organization that certifies the practitioner for proficiency in the Cell Command Therapy™ and Cellular Releasing© forms of hypnosis.

Question: Is there a standardized method of education that can be used for training to insure capability to practice?

Answer: The PATH Foundation method of education with two levels of competency “Basic” and “Advanced” is a way to ensure that capability. It complies with or exceeds the requirements of almost all of the other certification authorities in the field of hypnosis.

Question: Do persons who are certified have to complete an exam?

Answer: Persons certified by the PATH Foundation must complete an exam after completing their training that shows they are trained and competent to practice hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Most other certification organizations recognize this.

Question: Is there a license for hypnosis?

Answer: Only the state of Texas provides a license for hypnosis, and it is for forensic hypnotists only. However only licensed Texas police officers may obtain this license. This provides them credibility in court. In Texas the PATH Foundation teaches forensic hypnosis to Police officers and other hypnotists.

Question: What are the certification training requirements of The PATH Foundation?

Answer: The PATH Foundation training program requires a minimum of 175 hours of training for Basic hypnotist certification. The advanced certification requires a minimum of 300 hours of training. Both also require completion of a proficiency certification exam as well as internship or practice training. In addition each year the certificant must also complete a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education training to keep their certification active.


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