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Hypnosis Products

(Hypnosis Therapy Support Tools)

Types of Hypnosis Therapy Hypnosis Therapy SessionsTypes of Hypnosis therapy sessions offered at the Hypnosis Clinics

Hypnosis Sessions – CDs / MP3

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3 Sessions Series

Physical & Mental Improvement Series Hypnosis sessions

(Body Systems) 4 Sessions  Series

4 Hypnosis sessions 

Single Sessions  

Single Hypnosis sessions

(Weight Loss) Session Series 

3 Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions 

Hypnosis Training Hypnosis training for therapists
Curriculum Hypnosis Courses offered
Seminar Courses Seminar Courses offered (1, 2 or 3 courses combined)
Learn at Home Video Training (at home training) all hypnosis courses

I. Forensic Graphology (Personal Handwriting Analysis)

II. Art Therapy     Personal Art (drawing) Analysis &  Interpretation (3 different formats)
(A) Tree Drawing Interpretation
(B) Mandala Drawing Interpretation
(C) Personal Symbols Interpretation

III. Family of Origin Analysis (Personal Family Of Origin Interpretation)

IV. Employee Evaluation IV. Employee Evaluation        (includes Interpretations I, II and III above)

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