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Subconscious Symbols that Reveal : 
 Personality Strengths and Personality Defects

by Cheryl Martin, LMSW, CH


One of the classes we teach covers many subconscious symbols that our students can utilize to quickly determine what is happening with their clients. This is in order to gain rapport with the client and to also assist in developing a plan of assistance to enhance the client ‘ s life.

Years ago, when I worked as a psychotherapist in an in-patient psychiatric treatment center, I became very interested in art therapy. I found that the conscious mind does not know how to mask the drawings and art reveals a lot about personality. After studying art therapy, I became a certified hypnotist, certified forensic hypnotist, and, then, became a forensic graphologist.

I now can quickly look at a signature or other handwriting and tell a tremendous amount about what is happening in the person ‘ s world when looking at the ” signature or other written information. Traveling recently, I noticed a USA Today newspaper in a glass stand outside a Texaco Station where we had stopped for gas. I did not know the author, but I knew immediately upon seeing the writing that I wanted that paper to add the handwriting to my collection for teaching purposes.

Before we continue with the theme of this writing, stop reading here and get a pen and paper. After you know the information I am about to present, your conscious might do something to mask over your real subconscious feelings and programming. Don’t use a felt tip pen. Use a regular ballpoint pen. I want you to write five printed Capital I’s and five cursive capital I’s.

This will give you some valuable information about yourself. After you have finished writing the I’s and you are totally satisfied with your writing, put that aside and resume reading this article.

Now, that you have written your five capital I’s (printed and cursive), you can finish reading the article.

To resume my story:

I bought the paper and started telling my husband about the person. He is a forensic graphologist, forensic hypnotist, and law enforcement certified forensic instructor as well as an instructor in hypnosis certification; therefore, he totally agreed and saw what I was explaining. Then, we realized who the author was and we both said at the same time . “Oh My Goodness”!!!!!!

The short clip is included in the article so that you can see what caught my eye. The capital I speaks volumes. The top of the I is the influence the writer ‘s mother had upon the person writing the note’s life. It is the programming that went in connected to the most important female in a person ‘ s life, their mother. ‘ Whether a person is male or female, we all have female energy. This female energy was referred to as anima by Carl Jung, a famous psychiatrist who was successful with healing. The female energy programming is how we feel about other women and how we nurture those in our worlds, including ourselves. It is also our creativity link. This writer of the note was very influenced by the mother figure in his life. (We initially just looked at the writing, not the article. We did not know if the author was male or female at first)

However, the subconscious did not perceive this influence as positive because there is a total disconnection to the mother in terms of consciously accepting this influence in their world. In other words, the writer of this capital I probably professes to being totally different from my Mother , but has characteristics like her that are subconsciously driven or he blatantly dislikes people with characteristics of his mother with a vengeance. This is all subconscious and probably denied by the conscious mind because of other characteristics found in the writing.

What does this say about the author: he would resist intimacy with women and would not readily trust women. There would be a block to creativity and his ability to nurture and be nurtured.

The influence of the person’s Mother was very strong on the subconscious level.

The line at the bottom of the capital I is the father. This writer’s father did not have as much subconscious influence and if you look at the I with a magnifying glass, you will notice it is disconnected also. The disconnection is not as apparent, but in forensic graphology, it is enough of a disconnection to warrant being called “disconnection”.

Carl Jung called the Father Energy our male energy. He also labeled it Animus. It is the ability to move forward with life in a stable manner if we are influenced by the most important male in our life in a positive manner. If the influence is negative or rejected by the subconscious then we would sabotage ourselves, be impulsive or rigid.

The writer of this note has really rejected his Mother and somewhat rejected his Father subconsciously and this can lead to all kinds of problems: relationship, business, and health.

The thing that caught my eye initially, however, was the murkiness of the writing. Murky writing is when it looks like someone has written over or it can look like the pen is leaking. The “Why” and “Standing” written in the note look written over and many of the others words show heavy pressure or the look of a pen leaking. Heavy pressure is aggression or anger.

The murkiness shows up when there is a pretty severe personality disorder. The pressure here would suggest repressed rage or rage that is not so repressed. You would have to be around the person to know if they “blow their stack” often or look as if they are going to blow any minute. Those around them learn to “walk on eggshells” when dealing with them in life.

The printing of the note rather than cursive writing shows that the person would have to have recognition to function in life. Recognition and power would be very important to them. The unbalanced lines show that impulsiveness, without thinking things through in a balanced way, is probably a norm for this writer.

The initials speak volumes also. The second initial is an R. I could not tell that until I read the article. However, notice the pointed look it shows goal-orientation on the part of the writer, but it also shows a strong phallic quality. Repressed sexual energy can manifest as aggression and from the pressure and murkiness, I would bet that this is exactly what shows up in this person’s world. The lack of loops on the y of the words day and standing in the note show that the writer probably has shut off any sexual activity at all in his personal world.

When reading the accompanying article, it is permission to move away from the Geneva Conventions Rules for prisoners of war. Ironically, the writer of the note could have said that someone forged his initials had he not written the extra information calling for tougher time frames for standing in one place.

His reason for writing this note other than approving aggressive means of interrogation was to say that he stands up at a stand up desk all day, does not sit at all, and would prefer that they make prisoners stand longer than four hours at a time. Learning that this person does not allow himself to sit, but requires himself to stand is more of the inability to nurture self. (Remember the Mother disconnection). Also, if someone were considering this man for a relationship, they would need to note that he needs “lots of space in relationship”. (This is shown by the way he spaces the words) Also, in relationship, he would probably be erratic. By this I mean coming on strong at one moment and then wanting space in the next moment. (This is shown by the unbalanced way his subconscious constructed his lines in a spontaneous note that obviously brought up emotional feelings for him).

Our signature is very important in life. We should always make it clear and distinct. This says that we deal with people in an open, upfront manner. If we can read a signature, then we are dealing with someone who presents themselves as openly as they can. People who use initials, scribble lines, or something symbolic for a signature are only showing their facade or mask in life. Examples: President Richard Nixon’s signature at the end of his life was only an X. President John F. Kennedy’s signature was a line. (Both had things that they did not want the world to see).

So, just from this small sample there is a profile of behavior that speaks volumes as well as some of the possible reasons for some of the choices this man has made recently.

There are some positives also: The author is goal aspiring, look at the reaching of the H in however and the pointed, sharp quality of his R to see this. Also, the heavy pressure says that he would be goal-oriented and very competitive (if this is needed on the job). The fact that he stays in the middle zone shows that he can handle lots of detail: numbers, boring minute detail, and, we know that he will not require comfort for himself by reasonable hours and nice surroundings; therefore, he could be a workaholic employee. However, the aggression and impulsiveness would cause some of his best projects to periodically fall into problems.

Who is the writer? I will give you hints:

1.    His initials are D. R.

2.    This note and approval form show that he made the decision to move past the Geneva Convention Rules of dealing with prisoners of war.

3.    He initially denied knowing of torture and sexual humiliation techniques in the current war.

4.    His other cabinet members are estranged from him and have asked that he be let go.

5.    The current powerful male in his life (his boss) appears to be trying to help him stay on the job.

6.    Things that have been said about him:

Works long hours

Has some health issues (high blood pressure being one) (Remember the aggressive pressure of the printing and the murky writing)

Has been called on the carpet for sending in too few troops initially, and for shooting the wrong house where Saddam Hussein was supposed to be.  He underestimated troop capability and time estimation for occupation of the country. Currently it looks like (because he can’t deny his own printing) that the responsibility for the current publicity crisis over the prison interrogation techniques will come back to him.

Surely, you know the name now.

From this you can see how handwriting is directly from the subconscious. It has high reliability and validity. Handwriting will stand up in court and because most people don ‘ t know how to fake it, it shows with strong reliability the character positives and negatives of those you are allowing in your world.

Jury selection experts that are hired for large sums of money to decide who should sit on a jury, use handwriting as one of their major ways of determining the probable verdict a juror would champion. (Or personality traits that would help the attorney sway them to the verdict wanted).

Please look at the note and know this. I saw the murkiness first and the unevenness of the lines. ‘ The way it was positioned on the front page of the paper was not easily connected visually to a person ‘ s name. I literally started saying to my husband, What a find in terms of handwriting analysis and started enumerating what I saw standing in front of the Texaco station. He was agreeing. Then he said, Well, lets read to see who this is and what this note is about because the note makes no sense. We thought it would be a criminal or someone in trouble somehow in the world. We both just looked at each other and said in unison “Oh My!” and “Oh My Goodness”.

Learning handwriting analysis should be a requirement starting in grammar school. However, since it has not been taught, those who do know it can know that they are seeing the Truth because the writer does not know how to mask it.

Solutions that the writer could use to change:

1.    Subconscious work with hypnosis to release and change patterns of behavior and old programming.

2.    Subconscious work on Anger.

3.    Graphotherapy with the handwriting:


Connect the lines of the capital I at the top and the bottom.

Literally make himself write with less pressure. (If the back of a sheet of paper feels like Braille, it is too much pressure).

Balance his lines

If he wants more closeness in personal relationship, put his words closer.

If he wants to move from secrecy and covert behavior, start claiming himself by writing his full name in a manner that is recognizable rather than using initials.

If he wants more sexual intimacy in life, put some loops on his y’s and g’s.

If he wants to spiritually aspire, get his letters higher ‘ especially his t and cross his t-bar higher.

If he would like to get out of the limelight and work on his health, he should revert to cursive writing with a fine tip ballpoint pen and keep the pressure lighter.

The reason these changes in handwriting would help him is: Our subconscious watches all symbols around us. Our handwriting is a direct connection to who we are, not the mask or facade that we put on to the world. As our subconscious sees us change our handwriting, it immediately (very quickly) computes this to be “Who We Now Are” and will make those personality changes in our behavior and feelings very quickly. All it takes is the intent to make the changes in the handwriting and do it consistently.

by Cheryl W. Martin LMSW, CHt
The PATH Foundation


 See sample of his handwriting below: