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Handwriting analysis reveals personality

In a muscular dystrophy ad, I saw a very unique signature that showed distinctly a highly creative person with unique personal characteristics.

I looked to find the signature on the computer to make it easier to transfer into this write-up, and saw that over the years, her protection of her music had become stronger than when she started out. This was probably because of things that were learned along the way from previous circumstances.

The large W looks like a broken heart when viewed upside down. When something s looped in a large manner to the left, it is usually mother or female challenges. Her W over the years became larger and more looped to the left. The part that is incongruous is that the nonna is very small. This shows she can certainly deal with detail to the point that she has the detail tenacity of an accountant or an attorney.

She is certainly someone who would cross every t and dot every i in a business situation. The straight-down large loop of her y shows a full creative life on the subconscious level and an active desire for pleasure and joy. The last a is a circular loop protecting her music. This loop links with the broken heart. Her signature shows a very creative and positive person who is clear in her presentation of self.


Here’s hoping you live a Wonder-filled Life!

Cheryl Martin