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Cell Command Therapy™ is a specialized technique of hypnosis to get the person on the Path to their subconscious and Higher Self. The results are PROFOUND. It still requires that connection to the subconscious; therefore, the person literally completes the process themselves once this connection is made.

Dr. Martin’s technique of hypnosis coaching is unique as Dr. Silva’s techniques are unique to him. Both men were guided and both developed the tool to get to the right place of mind. The way their techniques are similar is: their is no abreaction, both assist energy, both get the person on the proper path which is through the subconsious to the Higher Self

Dr. Silva set up the Ecumenical Council for guidance, structure, and legal protection for his healers. This Council also houses his research that was conducted by the best scientists of the time, hired by Dr. Silva. His archives of research are awe-inspiring to say the least. His mind-body techniques were successful and are in two hundred countries today.


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Dr. Martin and his techniques of Cell Command Therapy™ and Cellular Releasing© have been practiced in Texas and Alabama through physician referral when actual physical healing is involved.

Four of his most miraculous interventions were as an adjunct to traditional treatment that was precarious at the very best. Two were under the care of private oncologists and arrived with referral. Two were from a leading cancer hospital in Houston and one had been told only a very experimental treatment was now available to this person after having unsuccessfully used other treatments at that facility.

Dr. Martin’s intervention in all cases was adjunctive with referral. The end results for these cases that were last-stage, poor prognosis were: total remission and happy lives for those involved.

Dr. Martin teaches his students to practice healing only by physician referral

How Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis works

Private hypnosis sessions of Cell Command Therapy hypnosis to stimulate cellular healing or regeneration

Cell Command Therapy™ for healing is the use of specialized techniques of hypnosis for healing of the body, mind and spirit:.

The Cell Command Therapy™ and Cellular Releasing© approach takes the hypnosis two steps further by first releasing the blocks and causes before beginning the hypnotic changes to the mind for healing and perfect health.

The second additional step is the cellular regeneration programming done in deep trance that causes the restoring of that part of the body to perfection or health.

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