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Art Therapy and Hypnosis help mental understanding


Art speaks directly to and from the subconscious. In times of stress or scare, society reverberates to the saving of the culture’s art as a soul comfort. The following drawings with recommendation from their interpretation were done by a family with the recommendation for the family afterwards. The cartoon from the funny paper leads into their actual drawings. It shows a teenager describing the emotions of being a teenager and how the younger sibling is enthralled by the story of the older sibling. (Younger ones imitating and being influenced by the older is a theme in family all the time).

Comic Strip



Go now to the tree drawing and family drawing section of our website to see what the art of the children told about the family . The drawings literally gave the blueprint to moving the family forward to better communication with a better way of life.


Hope you all are living a Wonder-filled Life!

Cheryl Martin