Hypnosis Healing Sessions

Our name, PATH Foundation, represents what is accomplished in the sessions of hypnosis. Only positive suggestion is used to avoid any abreaction that talk therapies often cause.  This hypnosis technique is safe and achieves positive results very quickly. You will always feel that you have experienced a relaxing, therapeutic hypnosis session, without any negative emotions or trauma. Our mission is to enhance the quality and length of your life through the use of Positive Suggestion Hypnosis.

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Cellular Command Therapy

Learn from the  creators of Cell Command Therapy(R) and Cellular Releasing Hypnosis

These Hypnosis Techniques are unique in that they address subconscious programs which are the actual computer memory of a person’s choices in life.  Traditional therapy, whether through hypnosis or talk therapy, will either give suggestion which may be unable to override the original subconscious program; or as in talk therapy may not be able to break through denial barriers to access the real program involved.

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Change Your Mind to Change your life with hypnosis

Our Videos about Hypnosis

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Hypnosis Explained Hypnosis explained by Dr. Ed Martin.


Talk Show

Hypnosis to release Grief

Reduce grief with hypnosis,

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The Authors of Cell Command Therapy®

The Founders of The PATH Foundation  Ed R. Martin & Cheryl W. Martin.  Both are Hypnotists, Therapists, Educators and Authors


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