Hypnosis Training Seminars


All Courses offered by the PATH Foundation are offered in Seminar format. The teaching in this format is usually done in a condensed weekend seminar (Saturday and Sunday – all day) or on weeknights (normally Monday through Thursday) after normal working hours. These formats of instruction allow students to learn in a continuing education style while continuing their present occupation.

Several times each year, combined courses will be offered consecutively over two, three or five day spans including a weekend. This is for students who have to travel long distances to the PATH Foundation seminars. Example of combined course seminars are listed below:

   (3 day intensive seminar)
HYP201 Basic  Hypnosis
HYP203 Advanced Hypnosis

   (3 day intensive seminar)
HYP401 Cellular Releasing© Hypnosis
HYP402 Basic Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis

   (3 day intensive seminar)
HYP501 Regression & Past Life Regression Hypnosis 
HYP502 Silent, Aura, Physical & Stage  Hypnosis

   (5 day intensive seminar)
HYP401 Cellular Releasing Hypnosis
HYP402 Basic Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis
HYP403 Advanced Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis
                 (for abuse & critical illness recovery)

   (5 day intensive seminar)
HYP504 Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis for Addiction Recovery
HYP505 Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis for Children
HYP506 Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis for Grief, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Recovery

These courses teach an advanced trained hypnotist the basic training in Cell Command Therapy® techniques as well as providing certification in Basic Cell Command Therapy® and the specialized techniques of hypnosis.

Other advanced hypnosis courses are offered in this seminar format also, examples are:

   (2 day intensive seminars)

HYP201 Basic  Hypnosis

HYP501 Regression and Past Life Regression Hypnosis

HYP601 Alternative Subconscious Communication

HYP650 Advanced Weight Loss Hypnosis techniques

HYP701 Basic Forensic Hypnosis for Hypnotists



Call for information about the seminars or training

call: 281 359-PATH or 205 322-PATH


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